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Ghetto Games

Ghetto started at the lowest point of the global economic crisis, in one of the most socially disadvantaged districts of Riga - Grizinkalns. Grizinkalns has historically been a district of workers and street children, where residents have gathered for several revolutionary events. During the crisis, many areas and sources of income came to a standstill, which was a good reason to start doing the things we love. It was a time when saddened minds could be saved by sports – democratic sports which don’t require large amounts of money: street basketball, street gymnastics, street dancing, football, and other physical activities. It was a time where noble goals and sponsors usually didn’t meet. In Grizinkalns, the boys would shout profanities while you could see women of the streets not far away and the district was full of drinkers. A real ghetto. Hence our name. But our Ghetto does not degrade – our Ghetto lifts!