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City Yacht Club

When visiting Rīga, sailing boats are welcome to moor at the City Yacht Club, located in the Eksporta Port harbour, to the north of Andrejsala and in a walkable distance from Vecrīga. There is convenient access to the harbour by car, motorbike and other types of motor vehicles. There is an extensive network of natural waterways in and around Rīga: the Latvian capital is crossed in the middle by the Daugava, and the river's mouth connects it to the Gulf of Rīga to the northwest of the city. To the north, there lie two connected and large bodies of water: the Lake Jugla and Lake Ķīšezers, both of which are linked to the River Daugava as well as to the Lake Mazais Baltezers and Lake Lielais Baltezers. Moreover, there exists a route from the Daugava to the River Lielupe via a smaller river called Buļļupe.
operatong April to October