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Sports and Relaxation

Elien SPA


In the heart of Riga there is a warm and cozy place where you can relax and enjoy the joy of life.

Living conditions in big cities leave fewer and fewer opportunities for mental and physical recreation. Short vacations are the few opportunities for relaxation that city dwellers have. So how do we learn to restore the emotional balance and eliminate the effects of endless stress? The beauty industry invites you to enter the world of spa treatments. Spas are always in high demand, because they are the ones that can cure us of chronic fatigue syndrome, restore lost strength and give pleasure to tired city-dwellers.

Benefits and relevance of spa procedures

Modern person has to deal with the negative influence of the megalopolis and the habitual rhythm of life of a resident of a big city. In this case, we are talking about the ecology, the constant rush, the stress associated with it, the lack of a culture of proper nutrition, etc.

For this reason, cosmetic procedures that can balance all body systems and prevent emotional, physical and psychological imbalances become very popular in big cities. 

The beauty industry In the heart of Riga, you can choose one of the best kinds of massage.

The technique of traditional massage consists in the alternate and timely use of techniques during the session. The masseur must have a clear idea of which parts of the body will be most effectively treated.

Relaxing Aroma Massage

Aromatic massage combines the healing power of massage with the natural properties of essential oils to help you achieve a beautiful body. It makes your skin well groomed and, in some cases, can even give it back its elasticity and youthful glow, and promises the desired slimness.

Antistress Massage

Anti-stress massage helps you relax and cope with conditions such as chronic stress, anxiety, restlessness, fatigue and "burnout syndrome" at work. Elien SPA uses only methods with proven effectiveness. Experienced specialists carry out sessions of «Anti-stress» massage.

People have known for a long time that any worries, stresses, negative emotions over time lead to health problems. There is even a whole science that studies these relationships. It is called psychosomatics.

Stress activates specific parts of the nervous system and releases hormones that affect the entire body. A prime example of the body's response to stress is a reflex spasm of the skeletal muscles. Many people today experience neck and back pain without even realizing that the cause of their suffering is not a spinal problem, but a chronic muscle spasm. This is just one example of how worries lead to real illness. From time to time, it is necessary to get rid of them, to "reset" the nervous system. In addition, a special massage "Antistress" helps you right in the heart of Riga’s city centre, at 7 Kalķu Street.

Sports massage

Sport massage is a special massage technique used to prepare the body for high physical exertion, as well as for faster recovery after intensive training. It helps increase stamina and achieve better sports results. This type of massage is only suitable for healthy people who have no problems with the musculoskeletal system. If performed correctly, it does not cause any unpleasant feelings, but on the contrary, increases the mood.

Back Massage

Tiredness at the end of the day and lack of physical activity are some of the main reasons why back pain can occur. The problem also often appears because of injuries and diseases that affect the entire musculoskeletal system and impair mobility. To get rid of pain and stress, strengthen the immune system and tone muscles in this case back massage will help you.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage was first mentioned only in the 19th century. Its purpose is to improve a person's blood circulation. In contrast to conventional massage, the procedure affects deeper layers and has a stronger effect.

With a classical Swedish massage, specialists stretch the muscles; affect seals and vascular-nervous bundles. The goal of the procedure is to eliminate muscle tension, improve venous flow and lymphatic exchange.

Due to the deep workout, this technique is popular not only in Europe, but also in the West. As with most massages, it is recommended to start the procedure with smooth and gentle movements, there should be no harshness or roughness.

Thai Foot Massage

The name Thai Foot Massage is very accurate, because during the massage, not only the feet are massaged, but also the lower part of the legs. In addition to massaging along the reflexive points, the massage is also carried out along energy lines. This balances and harmonizes the flow of energy around the entire body, which is essential for a healthy body.

The best relaxation in Elien SPA is the best present. «Give emotions, not things»

Spa Day in the Centre of Riga is a universal gift for both men and women... We will tell you how and when to get our services to different people.

Spa for women

Despite the age, any woman always wants to look beautiful and well-groomed. Therefore, a certificate to a spa salon will be a very nice and relevant gift, especially for women, who are busy with work or household chores.

In Elien SPA in Riga, you will find a huge range of treatments: massageswrapspeels, etc. It is worth giving preference to relaxing massages and aromatic baths - they perfectly relieve stress and have a good effect on the skin and figure. However, it is best to choose a program of several procedures. Our spa salon can boast a variety of interesting programs and author's techniques for face and body care. Complementing each other, they multiply the effect and leave an unforgettable impression.

Spa treatments are ideal as a gift for March 8, Valentine's Day, New Year or Birthday. The certificate can be presented a couple of days before the celebration, so the lucky owner of the certificate will amaze everyone with freshness and beauty. If you are not sure of your choice, make a gift certificate not for a particular procedure, but for a certain amount of money. So the person himself can choose what he wants.

Spa for men

Modern and devoid of prejudice men also try to take care of their appearance. A well-groomed and handsome man looks much more confident and has a better chance of success in all areas of life.

First, various kinds of massage and facial masks - they will help to remove skin irritation after shaving, return the face to its normal tone and color. Especially relevant will be for businessmen and those who often have to work with people. 

This also includes quality body massages- by relieving tension from certain muscle groups, you can significantly improve your posture and gait and prevent the development of spinal and joint diseases. Men's programs use pleasantly scented essential oils and herbs different from those used in women's procedures. Use this argument to change the mind of an ardent opponent of "women's things. And for those who are in love, paired programs are ideal, which allow you to soak in an aromatic bath together and have a traditional tea party at the end of it...

But in order for the treatments to really bring visible results and improvements to be clearly visible, they should be performed regularly. Sauna, exfoliation, massage and moisturizing are basic treatments that will help you to stay in balance. Take some time for your health and make an appointment at our salon for one of our programs. Spa treatments performed by our skilled and experienced staff will bring you a rebirth and a sense of ease! Give yourself and your loved ones hours in the paradise!

The best massage from highly qualified professionals is waiting for you in Elien SPA in Riga

An Island of Earthly Happiness

Or just an island of paradise,

Here all the troubles go away,

Here everything is so easy and simple!

I turn off my phones

I'll take the familiar path

I'll leave all my problems

Outside the Spa salon

Here they heal hands and feet

Here they heal the soul, the thoughts!

No tears, no worries

And all the problems are forgotten

And the enchanting sounds

Of relaxing melodies,

Now they call me, now they wake me up

And then they take me beyond the horizon

And sadness is in vain

Tears, tears, quarrels, it's all for naught,

I know that life is beautiful,

I know that life is worth living...

It's so easy and peaceful!

I can't keep up with the times

I leave the SPA with a new lease on life

I'm a new man

The sun shines differently

The stars in the sky are twinkling

It's good to be in the world

This quiet island of paradise...

Choose from your heart!

If you haven't been in SPA in RIGA for a long time, it's time to go back. If you haven’t been there at all, it's time to start. What to choose? Start with the classics. There are more than 15 kinds of massage in our salon. However, each of them is based on the classical technique, which hasn't changed during hundreds of years. Its main peculiarity is the effect on the joints, energy channels and biologically active points of the body.

Consistently, step by step, the masters, Vladimir and Vija, work through the main energy meridians and acupressure points, trying to achieve maximum relaxation, removing tension and relieving deep-rooted cramps. You can choose any type of massage for the whole body: they are traditional, aroma-oil (relaxing massage combined with aroma oils), relaxing massage with warmed sacks of Thai herbs, figure- correcting anti-cellulite massageslim massage, which is designed to work on the stomach, hips and buttocks. 

There are so many options that it is impossible to count them all. Whatever you choose, choose from your heart!