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Wowselfieriga - the first selfie rooms in the Baltics!

The newly opened spot is located in Riga with selfie rooms and photo walls - 30 bright, colorful, and attractive themes updated on regular basis and placed in the 600 square meters.

Large white and pink wings, a 2.7 meters tall plush bear, shopping carts, huge playing cards, dolphins, cacti, enormous and gorgeous flowers, swings, different design lamps, huge popcorn, a burger, and other decorations are available for visitors.

Celebrate your birthday with us, have a surprise party for friends, or come with your pet.
The premises are suitable for corporate, children's, bachelorette parties, dog photo sessions, and various video filming.

Entrance fee: 5-15 years 7euro/ h, adults (16+) 10euro/ h
Facebook: wowWow