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Escape Room ONE

Quests in reality from Escape Room ONE; this is a live game where you are the hero. Each quest consists of a large space made up of several rooms, and you automatically enter another world. This realm has its own history, atmosphere and indescribable challenges.

Have you and your friends ever wondered what it would be like to be the protagonist or hero in a movie, and be able to go through all the ordeals he does? Just think of assuming the role of Dracula, Pirate of the Caribbean or someone else, and initially be a component in a plot that you have no control over. You and your friends must call to task brainpower in order to resolve all of the assignments, and, in the time given, exit the movie. Or else...end up trapped in the movie s plot - forever... The quest adventure rooms are exclusively designed for the movie - this is something new and unique in the Baltic region and in all of Europe. It differs from the classic version in that each adventure doesn't unfold in just one room, but several, making the experience more challenging and complicated. Don't worry, you won't be bored here, even when you go through one quest several times.

Secret Behind the Quest Room

Each quest game has a singular screenplay, stunning design and a plot based on a well-known movie. The design is coordinated with special elements that will truly make you feel like the movie's hero.

Find the Solution!

The challenges set forth here are intriguing and logical, albeit a real test for any mind. Be prepared for unusual twists and turns, because the solutions are not only the classic keys, but much more.

Solve in Time Designated

The quest rooms actually are all about having fun, adventure. Get your team together (i.e. family or co-workers, etc), and take on the mission and solve the puzzle. Specific knowledge and skills are not required, just the readiness and desire to have a blast!