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At FREYWILIE, the creation of a collection begins with inspiration, passion for motifs that result in an idea. This is a creative process that requires time and an open attitude to new things. Our artists, goldsmiths and enamel specialists incorporate their knowledge and creativity into every single step of production.

Art historical research and numerous sketches line the path from the moment of inspiration to the finished product, which is why the development of a collection can take as long as two years.

There are two elements in particular that are at the heart of the work done by our artists at FREYWILLE: joy in art and a passion for design. Many of our select collections pay homage to famous artists and our interpretations are unique. But other collections are based on thought in humanist philosophy. Pieces of jewellery thus created carry with them into the world a message of joy in life and an appreciation of intangible values. Each collection is different, but all FREYWILLE collections carry one common element: an enthusiasm for pure art.