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Boutique Chevalier by Akcenty

Sat 11.00-20.00
Sun 11.00-19.00
An absolute must-visit in Riga for any person searching for a meaningful gift for a dear person or just a present for himself. Over fifty collections from both European and local Latvian jewelry and accessories creators, perfume creators and interior designers — all handmade and with respect to the oldest traditions of craftwork — turn this place into something in between a boutique and a museum of craftsmanship and art. As many objects sold here are created in a unique copy, they will only underline your individuality. Among owners of some objects created by designers and craftsmen presented in Chevalier Boutique by Akcenty are Steven Spielberg, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Madonna, Hilary Clinton and many more. Don’t trust their taste? Try this place yourself!