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Fri Sat 11.00-23.00
closed -Sun Mon
Welcome to the multi-faceted world of prodigious Mārtiņš Pilēns—the Latvian born architect, who studied in Germany. Probably most voguish Europe's interior-champagne shop/showroom/cafe, exhibits and sells 'mid-century chic' design furniture, lighting, rugs, tableware icons by Richard Lampert, Tacchini, Wilde+spieth, New Tendency, String, Myklios, Mārtiņš' own brand Modernists and many more. Hand chosen boutique bio-eco sparklings and champagne supplyed from top-notch micro winery family produce from France and Austria: Charles Dufour, Emmanuel Brochet, Georges Laval, Larmandier-Bernier etc paired with artisan yummies. Everything here is deliberately selected, state-of-art limited editions, which will surely widen your aesthetic world!