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Secret Event

Hop on the 'time machine' to travel nine centuries back, right to the birth of Riga city. The wine cellar of the oldest Riga building ensemble was the witness of the crusaders, reformation and unquestionably so many crazy parties by our ancestors. Still owned and operated by locals, Secret Event bar offers to savour the authentic taste of Latvia. All drinks are locally made, many of them are limited seasonal editions from the regional artisans. Around 140 spirits, wines, liquors, tincture, potions, berry, herbal and vegetable wines, home vodkas (some made from the plants growing only in Latvia). We loved the rhubarb, sorb-apple, aronia liquors, Latgale region specialty 'šmakovka'. We suggest to take the sampling set, the keen bartender will tell you the story about each drink. Mystical, medieval atmosphere and tones of good impressions.