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Thr, Fri, Sat 12.00-02.00
The very first and only cidreria in Latvia is introducing you into the exquisite fruitty, yummy philosophy of the handcrafted local ciders. The owner, Krišjānis is brewing the ciders himself, his Mūrbūdu selection is at least one year aged in the whiskey, cognac, calvados, brandy oak barrels. With only real local apples, rhubarbs, pears, raspberries etc., giving you that unbeatable elegant tropical fruitty dryness, the mellow sweet ones are made with real honey. Old Town narrow  street location, with a plain but warm, lofty NYC neighbourhood atmosphere and the best local and international live jazz shows. And, what is remarkable — absolutely anti-snobbish prices and vibes! Try their downright gourmet hummus menu. Unmissable! Magnifico!