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Radi un Draugi

This pleasant and highly regarded 4-star hotel has a central location in the Old Town, close to most major cultural and commercial sites. Decked in hunters’ greens and browns, it offers classy and comfortable rooms for a great and relaxing stay.
The hotel was established in 1995 with 28 rooms and was subsequently extanded twice. Following the most recent renovations in 2012, the hotel now offers 72 modern refurbished rooms, an elegant lounge and two airy and comfortable conference rooms. The restaurant „Niklavs” provides a feeling of peace and space, and is found at the heart of the Old Town of Rīga at Mārstaļu iela 1. It has been popular with both visitors to Rīga as well as those local residents who like to enjoy a good meal away from home. The interior of the restaurant is characterised by a homely and elegant decor which creates a light and pleasant atmosphere. The menu is based on seasonal and local produce in order to ensure that guests are always served meals of the highest quality, combining flavour and seasonality. The hotel`s polite professional staff will ensure that you always feel you are with family and friends.