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APOLLO KINO is located on the second floor of the Akropole Shopping and Entertainment Center, next to the O’Learys Sports Bar and Entertainment Center. Visitors' new cinema experience starts from the moment of ticket purchase, because "APOLLO KINO" is the first cinema in Latvia, where visitors can buy both tickets and selected drinks and snacks at specially equipped self-service checkouts. The cash register system is designed so that the purchase process is quick, easy and enjoyable for every customer, avoiding the usual queues at the cash registers.

Visitors are offered 9 different cinema halls with a total number of seats 1131, including two cinema restaurant halls and the first IMAX auditorium in Latvia. When choosing a cinema, visitors can also choose one of three types of seats - Club seats with anatomically adjusted high-quality chair, Double seats with the possibility to watch a movie, sitting on a double sofa and luxury - Star seats for especially comfortable and undisturbed cinema enjoyment.

"APOLLO KINO" provides customers with the highest quality cinema experience. Equipped with the latest and highest quality sound and image technologies, the cinema offers its viewers special, ergonomic seating and an unprecedented snack and drink experience right in the cinema - all to make a cinema visit a real adventure.

All "APOLLO KINO" auditoriums are equipped with Barco 4K laser projectors, which provide excellent image quality in both 2D and 3D format. Cinemas are equipped with Dolby ATMOS and 7.1. sound systems that deliver powerful and multidimensional sound.

In the first and only IMAX cinema in Latvia, IMAX stands for "Image Maximum" - you can enjoy the most intense movie viewing experience - it is equipped with one of the world's latest IMAX 3D laser projections and the next generation of 12-channel sound a system that gives viewers a completely different level of cinematic experience.

Apollo Kino is one of the subsidiaries of the Estonian company "Apollo Group" in Latvia. Apollo Kino is the largest cinema chain in Estonia with eight cinemas. Currently, Apollo Kino offers the most modern cinemas in Tallinn, Pärnu, Tartu, Narva and Saaremaa, and from April 4, 2019 - in Riga. Apollo Kino is the first self-service cinema and the only cinema in Latvia with an impressive IMAX cinema.