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RIXC is the center for new media culture and artist collective, that initiates projects in intersection of art, science and emerging technologies. RIXC's activities include: production of artworks and innovative art, science and technology projects, organising of Art+Communication festival, exhibitions, publishing of Acoustic Space journal series. RIXC uses events and publications to introduce novelty themes, most recent – renewable energy (2009), techno-ecologies (2011), art of resilience (2012), and fields – contextual seedbeds for social changes (2014). In 2014 RIXC launched first activities for upcoming Riga Innovation Lab – for art and science research and public education projects. RIXC also is a key founder of Liepaja University's Art Research Lab & New Media Art education program. RIXC has extensive experience in network building locally and internationally, and currently is developing Renewable Network – for Baltic-Nordic and Europan cooperation.