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"The Same" in Riga, founded by Natija Vakarjuka and Anastasija Aleksejeva, is a dynamic fusion of art and business, bridging diverse communities. Offering a myriad of activities, from painting masterclasses to creative lectures, it caters to all interests. Its inclusive approach welcomes individuals of varying skill levels, fostering creativity and self-expression. Art Jam sessions, drawing classes, and children's activities provide engaging experiences for all ages. Additionally, "The Same" specializes in curating bespoke events for private clients and companies, ensuring memorable and inspiring gatherings. Its strategic location in VEF, Ūnijas iela 6a, serves as a vibrant hub for cultural enrichment and entrepreneurial endeavors. To join in the creative journey, one can easily sign up for events via social media or Telegram channels, with costs ranging from 35 to 40 euros.