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Rocket Bean Roastery

Fri 08.00- 23.00, Sat 09.00-23.00, Sun 09.00-18.00
Mon 08.00-21.00
Those steampunk hip specialty coffee embassies are summing up more than 12 years of experience of coffee enthusiasts and pro's: Ancis, Aivars, Mārtiņš. This is the highest coffee culture expertise level you can find in town. We can call it a religion. And as any clerics, guys will tell to you: forget all you knew about the coffee before! Most likely you had just usual dark roasted (read – over-cooked) flat-bitter-taste kinds with or without milk. The crew pilgrims the 'coffee world' to find the most interesting seasonal tastes, aromas, terrains, micro suppliers. Than bringing samples to their lab/roastery (housed on Miera location). Adjusting the roasting level not to ruin the fragility and personality of the flavour. Then, extracting maximum bouquet using filter, Aeropress, vacuum (on the customised machine with a flow-timer) a .o. brewing techniques. Indulge yourself into aesthetics of the coffee, which, thanks to enthusiasm and technology, has never been so delectable in the history of its culture! Witness, try out and buy yourself a set for preparation at home! Open-up the beautiful new gastronomic dimension!
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