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Pelmeņu Stūtrītis (Dumpling Corner)

Awe-inspiring grandma Valentina Gavrylovna with her grandsons are the gastronomic team you will fell in love with. Bringing their recipes from Altai Republic /Russia/ they work really hard with each dumpling. They hand-pick seasonal local lamb, pork, beef, cottage cheese, berries daily at the Central Market to hand-wrap them into the airy, thin dough before your hungry eyes. Also traditional harcho and chicken soups with handmade noodles to enjoy at the Art-Nouveau neighbourhood location or for take-away to prepare them at home. Try large varenyky dumplings, fried dumplings with cheese or chicken, dessert dumplings with berries, Nutella-banana, grannies' pies and cakes etc. Packed full with the loyal fans (from their previous Central Market location) and the new admirers. Ochen-ochen vkusno!