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Sun 10.00-18.00
Restaurant Buržujs has expanded its premises and now boasts an oyster bar with 12 kinds of sea-fresh oysters. Enjoy fresh or fried, grilled or in the dishes. The oyster master and chef Renars Purmalis upholds the standards and shares his experience in his oyster workshops (reserve beforehand). Working tightly with a wine/champagne connoisseur, he suggests the best pairing for your kind of oyster! Pick your juicy, rich, buttery oyster just a couple of days away from the French, Irish, Ducth and even Portuguese coast, push it flat with your tongue, catching the nuances of the flavour with all receptors, find the muscle while savouring, bite and slide-it-in. Melt the aftertaste together with a sip of light, flowery champagne or wine. Every working day starting from 10.00 the restaurant offers a quality breakfast and business lunch 12.00–17.00. Mon–Sat from 18.00 an elegant a la carte menu available with a rich seafood offering. Boost your day with a tasty speciality coffee and home made ice-cream! Restaurant Buržujs—gourmet undercover.