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This high-class voguish gourmet establishment is a must-sample Jurmala delice. Their NY-loft interior is divided into three zones, each governed by a savvy pro. Eduard Trofimchuk, the finalist of the ‘World Class’ (famous fine spirits cocktail-master competition), fuses elaborate, state-of-art author’s drinks. The tapas and jamon chef, by the sovereign counter, will cut you a slice from the finest dry-aged Iberico and Serrano jamon, keeping you busy before the main treat. Chef Anton Gabets worked in top 100 world restaurants and will tickle your taste buds with exceedingly creative cuisine: where local seasonal produce dances together with the royal seafood and meat in a playful colour, texture and taste sway. Lounge DJs and live music through weekends. VSOP buffet, paella+ prosecco at Sunday brunch.