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Ramen Riga

Sat Sun 11.00-21.00
Ramen and Japanese bistro place from the famed chefs Ēriks Dreibants and Mårtiņš Sirmais. This strikingly simple concept is to not provide you with the menu, but with a tiny meal selection, depicted over the cash register. Just choose from seven ramens: beef, duck, seafood, mushroom/tofu and complement them by gyoza dumplings, yakitori and small salad. Sauces, spices, udon noodles are imported from Japan, ramens are made in the pre-prepared stock with fresh ingredients cooked in the stock for each bowl. Thickness and spiciness are adapted for European stomachs. Funky, whimsical extremely accurate replica of a Japanese bistro interior. Mellow J-pop on the background.