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Casa Nostra

If you fancy it real, then treat yourself to a meal at this Italian family-owned trattoria, that over the years has become the Riga ambassador for the Italian family-gastronomy traditions and coziness. The charming owners, Sandra and Adriano, handcrafted the interior with family mementos (among them the original armours from the 1958 Ben Hur movie). With great emphasis on authenticity, the menu changes seasonally, and there are regular daily specials. Ask for the pairing with decidedly Italian selection of wines (the experienced staff speaks fluent Italian), we strongly recommend the niche Cormons wines available here exclusively. Tickle your taste buds with their infamous 'Spaghetti Adriano' (spicy with prosciutto crudo and mint) or 'Verdure Sandra' (prawns and stir-fried vegetables). Easy and yummy, heart-breakingly welcoming (even with pets who also will be fed!)—praiseworthy!