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Rich, creamy, green, fresh Mid-Eastern gastronomy by Israeli chef Shimon, made without any compromises. The competitive array and representation of the most delectable Israeli, Lebanese, Moroccan, Tunisian meals would be very hard to find even in Israel. The best way to enjoy by sharing in the company: take a Zula Plate: fresh salads, hummus, falafel, baba ganoush etc as a starter. Proceed with their Zula grill mix: shish kebab, mergez home sausages, chicken skewers, beef fillet skewers, also shawarma or Moroccan-style fish Rajma. Decidedly everything is made on the spot by hand on their open kitchen. Huge portions, plenty vegetarian/vegan options. All paired with niche and seasonal Israeli wine. Amazing desserts: we loved Israeli coconut milk panna cota with rose jam– Malabi. Homey- industrial Tel Aviv atmosphere, Israeli music and heartiness! Beteavon!