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Easy Beer

Fri Sat 12.00-02.00
Easy Beer grill bar with first ’Beer Wall’ in the Baltics. 20 self-service beer taps, allow you to conduct your budget and to sample any kind! Aleksandrs Šnaidermans, the only restaurant beer sommelier in Latvia, will poetically and expertly introduce you to the world of craft beer and help you to choose among more than 150 meticulously selected first-rate international brews: Belgian trappistes and dessert krieks, seasonal IPAs and Imperial stouts, Scandinavia, Germany, Holland the list goes on and on, not to forget about the craft from Latvia and the Baltics. Supplement your draft with worldwide fusion comfort cuisine! A variety of snacks, salads, craft burgers, Tex Mex, ribs, and so on are specially made in the beer menu. When the food is ordered, it is possible to observe the process of making it thanks to the open kitchen. Rock music makes all more alive.