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The Catch

12.00-last client
The establishment is the perfect gourmand's catch itself. This sushi bistrot + robata, serves a cream-of-the-crop seafood fillets actually melting on your taste buds. Salmon, bluefin tuna, Kamchatka crab, delivered by air-mail from Japan, Scotland, Atlantics, never deep frozen, served plainly on ice– not to ruin the aristocratic authenticity of the raw/fresh taste. Also tempura, thick ramens, robata grill (V.S. and rare for the Baltics), seafood-rich sushi rolls and Japanese-minded cocktails (try Yuzu-Zuzu for a start). Busy-cheerful gourmet bar ambience. Happy epicurean, enthusiasm-driven owner is here every day to keep-up the level. Refreshingly affordable! Unmissable!