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Muusu Terase

Thr, Fri, Sat 11.00–01.00
The successful, numerously awarded Muusu restaurant has opened a second branch in beautiful Andrejsala. A lapis lazuli coloured hacienda with two huge terraces overlooking the yacht pier. Fresh, seasonal, creative gourmet from one of the top five culinary names of Latvia— Kaspars Jansons. The menu is divided into eight almost philosophical categories: vegetarian and cheese, meat and birds, fish and seafood, sweet and cold. Muusu Terase’s specialty is VSOP open grill, where the keen chef prepares seafood, aged meat (you can choose per weight, to try out full variety) and even desserts before your eyes! If you don’t have time for a la carte, drop by for speedy lunch. Uber-creative eco-local seasonal zummos and liquor cocktails. Perfect for banquettes and weddings. All-encompassing and profound!