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John Restaurant

The refined elegance of 'John's' mid-century chic interior encapsulates the chef-d'oeuvre of Kristaps Sīlis (experienced master, worked for the top-notch local seafood, steak, and gourmet establishments). His short seasonal menu is airy, creamy, trendy, and light. As an aura around US president John F Kennedy, who happened to stay at the very mansion in his student's years. Eco-products: meat (Australia, New Zealand), fish (Nordic Sea) intertwined with freshest local seasonal, prepared on the open kitchen using Josper grill, sous vide, molecular trends. We suggest embarking on their set menu to have a gastro tour around the culinary. Get the mixologist-level cocktail from their 'Jackie' bar, dedicated to the charms of MRS Kennedy. Delicate, fresh, elegant, yet light and easy. New Riga's genteel sparkler!