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Babo is where Modern Georgian cuisine gets a fun, hip twist! Think ethnic charm meets hipster vibes. The ethno-cozy yet stylish interior sets the scene for an extraordinary dining experience. The chef takes Georgian classics and amps them up with gourmet flair. Must-tries? Thin dough hinkali—big dumplings with broth stuffed with Black Angus and Iberico pork, and the tiger shrimp kebabs, chanahi from the beef cheeks, hachapuri baked in a wood-fired oven and of course traditional vegetarian and vegan lobio, adjabsandal warm salad and so many more. Homemade pickled veggies and herbal or fruit lemonades– all light, fresh and juicy. Nestled in the trendy Milla quarter, it's the go-to spot for stylish Rigans. Kick things off with a chacha (grape vodka) shot set and traditional starters, or sip on creative chacha-based cocktails at the Chacha bar. Plus, there's a killer selection of niche Georgian and Caucasian wines.