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Escapist Gastropub

Fri 12.00-02.00
Sat 14.00-02.00
Вот, я немного отредактировал, если ты не против. В основном стилистические моменты и пару опечаток. И название, пожалуйста напиши или Escapist Gastropub или Escapist Pub спасибо! Cushy, snug, your-friendly-hood bar-vibe. Located in the two-storey wooden dwelling right opposite Ziedoņdārzs, this pub is lovingly designed and built by the owner's hands. Tiny ground floor bar-space gives you the busy crowd voice ambience, the larger attic floor is made to socialize: board games, themed evenings, food pairings, tastings and masterclasses. Bartenders left the snobbish mixologist level establishments for the easier more relaxed ambience of the Escapist. Amazing twists on cocktail classics, perfect your exact mood cocktail matching skills. Yummy expert European and US -style comfort food: burgers, ribs, salads with seasonal specialties as well as daily budget lunch deals. Each weekend, a special different country and culture liquor mixed in a creative cocktail and paired with a corresponding not-on-the-menu-meal. Stained glass bar, wooden panels, old Riga center location– RTW approves!