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Blend Cafe

When was the last time you were thrilled about the taste combination? The chefs - Kirils Filipovs and Igor Filippov worked in prominent Norwegian establishments and for diplomatic missions. They playing hard to lift your dine-out experience on the above-average level, yet keeping your stomach and wallet cozy. We were awed to find out, that you don't need to use a dozen of ingredients to prepare a fascinating fusion meal, rather an imagination and wit of the experienced crew. Each meal on their seasonal menu has a genuine taste and a combination of various textures; whatever you order: Scallops with ash-baked potato and potato-bacon cream or Burned onion stuffed with aubergine puree, goat cheese espuma, kombu seaweed, and dill oil - it will tickle your taste buds just right. All is paired with their niche wines and sparklings (you mostly won't find them anywhere else in Riga) carefully selected by our professional sommelier. You will love their super creative Pinsa, it is a regional traditional kind of Roman pizza, yet thinner and lighter in texture, using different dough and super inventive toppings. Polish it off with their Choco Ganache with black currant sauce and pistachio "tuiles" and with a few of their author's mixologist level cocktails (also nonalcoholic and low ABV kinds), we would go for Blend Sour and Bloody Māra. Chic and elegant interior, top Art Nouveau district location. A new fine dining Must!