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Stop Ēd

Fri 10.00-22.00
Sun, Mon. 10.00-21.00
This very basic and unpretentious food court, is actually a genuine street food gem! The place owner and chef Ed, is baking thin-layer lavash bread every morning and so he makes the fresh milk drink 'ayran', he carefully chooses meat and vegetables to give each meal the best authentic taste.The main attraction is genuine juicy Turkish 'tantuni' kebab. Never frozen halal meat in tantuni is first crushed and stewed in salted water, then fried in cotton oil with spices and veggies on the special tray with a niche in its centre to keep and use the julienne, than the stock is soaked with a first layer of lavash for extra juiciness and wrapped into lavash again. Also yummy crispy-crumbly-crust panini, hot-dogs, stuffed potatoes, pita falafel, bubble waffle and many more all made freshly upon your order.