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Beef Room

breakfast 06.00-10.00 Sat Sun 07.00-11.00
The genuine hotel-restaurant concept-breaker. Seasonal, high-standard, local produce-oriented gastro gem; interconnecting satisfactory with creative. All ten meals and pairings we sampled from the seasonal chefs special menu, plus budget daily offer was а hit in the bull's eye! Masterful dry-aged steak, swelling 6 hours at 65C°, before going to grill, gentle local buttery cod, crunchy-juicy grey pea falafel, brownie under the home-made salty caramel gelato– were expertly great. The wine-menu, more of a wine culture ABC– describing the characters and pairings makes it so easy to choose. Savour one of their mega-trendy signature cocktail for your digestivo: we were blown away by Super Mario Super Sour on the base of gin and porcini infusion! Impressed– literally what ever you order, hits your fancy overwhelmingly, which is a rear occasion on the dining scene. And one more insiders' hint: their rich weekend buffet breakfasts boasts unlimited bubbly.