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Parunāsim (Lets Talk)

Fri, Sat 12.00-23.45
Sun 12.00-22.00
We bet– you will fall in love with this place from the first glance, first bite, first sip. Sheltered in the layer-by-layer recovered 400-year old ex-Jacob's church capella, Parunāsim brings that disarming romantic enchantment of truly local artistic-bohemian vibe. Otherwordly interior is a DIY-eclectics with elements of steampunk (the bar is made from the pipe of firefighting depo, one of the tables is an actual carpenter's bench), antiquities all found and crafted by the super-dedicated owner Edgars Ludans. Their cakes, tarts, eclairs and macarons are tailor-made exclusively. They don't have menu, so you have to negotiate through your fish/meat/veg meal with the chef from what is fresh today! Expert wine selection. Occasional live music. Exceptional, charming, magical, hypnotic!