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Andalūzijas Suns

Fri. 10.00-03.00
Sat 11.00-03.00
Sun 11.00-01.00
A true Riga legend just two years younger than your favourite city guide. Changing with the trends, though keeping its' old-time clients (as ourselves) loyal throughout three decades. Their upper-level, seasonal, yet filling pub-style menu varies from burgers, fresh and light salads to Mexican cuisine and delightful steaks and local dishes. Business lunches through the working week. The bar is unique with its gin collection which is the biggest in Latvia – more than 90 gins from 14 countries. Throughout the year, indoors can be seen exhibitions of paintings by young artists. Andalūzijas Suns offers also banquet organization and service - both in and on the terrace of the café. Picture-perfect Berga Bazars location.
Working days 12.00-15.00 Business LUNCH