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Now we are seriously doubting if we tried the real chocolate before. Latvian bean-to-bar chocolate producers introduce you into the world of deliberate eco craft, philosophy and taste of chocolate. Owners Aleksey and Jekaterina are sourcing the most characteristic single origin beans (agroforestry) from equatorial countries to slow-grind them in their traditional cocoa melanger, it takes three days from a bean in the grinder to a choco bar. As a result your Aume choco bar is fully vegan, made just from three ingreduients: cacao beans, cacao butter and a pinch of crystallised coconut blossom sugar. Forget about additional nuts and fruits, let the chocolate play it's own game on your taste buds; alike with a good wine, you will discover the taste range of chocolate varying from lemon truffle to smokey pine, our fav is Caicara del Orinoco (letting out citrus, floral and turf notes). Keen baristas Darya and Adriana will pair it with variety of hot chocolate or specialty locally roasted coffee brew, made in state of the art La Marzocco Modbar machine. Also vegan, gluten free bon bons, cocoa bean bread and banana bread. Wow!