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Sun 12.00-22.00
Closed– Mon
Named after the revered Latvian freedom symbol and Lithuanian goddess of love, has been delighting diners since 2014. Milda offers an authentic, homey taste of seasonal Lithuanian and Latvian cuisine, yet with a delightful gourmet twist. Ingredients and delicacies, mostly sourced from local farms and small producers. Try out their signature cepelinai (big Lithuanian potato dumplings), Latvian bread soup dessert, also local fish and game meals with popped, jellied, reduced, sautéed, grilled local berries, grains, pickled veggies. Also local craft beer, cider, liquors and cheese selection. 50+ hand picked international wines. Our choice for the dessert, local Bliss gelato: camomile/honey, rhubarb, chicory flavors. Superb Old Riga location. All praise to Māris Celitāns the brand chef, owner and the soul of the establishment!