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Cafeteria Kase (Box Office)

16.00-last guest
Sat, Sun 14.00-last gest
Cafeteria is the part of the celebrated mid-century modernist Daile Theatre architecture ensemble. Located at the premisses of former theatre box office and revamped by famed interior designer Evija Ķirsone into a slick, laconic bistrot with 'piano wood' furniture and Bau Haus chandelliers. The project by the acclaimed restaurateur Ingemars Dzenis (Vest, Zefirs) and mixologist Oskars Smilga is the hip theatre cafeteria, with small creative starters, salads and few mains buy their chef Ivan Golban /Moldova/. Few pre-mixed cocktails, (we liked the one on the base of the cherry Ararat brandy) posh champagnes and hand-picked craft beers. Check out their 'Melnā Kase' ('black box') Fri, Sat night parties with DJs and hip happy locals. Stylish, hearty hipsters' must, whether you are in the mood for theatre or not.