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Casa Argentina Riga

Fr, Sat, Sun 12.00-23.00
Rustic and homey yet elegant Casa Argentina is here to serve the celebrated Argentina-imported meats 'asado'-way, traditional method of cooking meat over an open flame or grill. The meat is seasoned with just salt and pepper, allowing the natural flavor of the meat to shine through. All is served in fine dining way: with chef compliments and the gourmet narratives. We tried rib-eye, fillet mignon, flank steak, which had loose, juicy soft texture and crunchy surface served with chimichuri and pepper sauce, salsicha spicy lamb sausage was outstanding. All is paired with full-bodied flavourful Argentinian and South American wines. Don't miss out the delightful authors twist on well known European cuisine desserts. Core Old Riga location, friendly caring service, live music on weekends.