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Well howdy y'all! If you're lookin' for some dang good BBQ, then you gotta check out Munch! This place is run by a fella who knows a thing or two about smokin' meat. Erik played ice hockey and studied in Chicago, going back and forth in the states in the look out for the tastiest BBQ recipes. He took all that knowledge back here to Latvia and is cookin' up some seriously tasty vittles! Everything here is smoked right on the spot and cooked slow and low to perfection. And they've got all your favorite authentic US BBQ dishes, like Alabama chicken, buffalo wings, short ribs, and heavenly pulled pork and juicy-chewy burgers. And if that ain't enough to get ya hootin' and hollerin', they even have live country and blue grass bands playin' from time to time. Exclusive wheat MUNCH craft ale, whiskeys and local home-made vodka kanža.