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For almost three decades, the Norway-based vocal trio Mediæval has been among the elite of early music interpreters. The trio's repertoire is multifaceted and surprising, combining historically informed performance practice with a focus on exploring the oldest layers of Scandinavian folk music and contemporary jazz expressions, as well as indulging in the joy of improvisation and specially commissioned interpretations of new works. The ensemble, founded in 1979, will illuminate for the Riga audience pages of timeless beauty from the Oldhall manuscript, made in the 15th century and shrouded in legend. This richest collection of medieval English sacred music had lain forgotten for over four centuries until its chance discovery in the late 19th century sparked an avalanche of interest in these sonic treasures of cultural history. And alongside them are "commentaries" inspired by this manuscript by contemporary composers, made a few years ago just for the musicians of Trio Mediæval: the meditation Alleluia Amen by the famous American post-minimalist David Leng and Sol lucet by the Norwegian composer Marianne Reidarsdater Eriksen, who specialises in vocal music.

Trio Mediaeval (Norway)