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Bay Singers and Mixed Choir Dziesmuvara

Bay Singers is a mixed-voice auditioned choir of 54 singers who live all over the San Francisco Bay Area. The ensemble is led by Dr. Jeffrey Benson and Kristina Nakagawa, and is a partnership between two choral organizations: Peninsula Cantare and Resounding Achord. Together, the two choirs have over 40 years of performing experience. The singers have a wide range of professional careers, including: teachers, technology specialists, engineers, clergy, artists, non-profit workers, stay-at-home parents, retirees, professional musicians, and current university students. The choir is travelling in Estonia and Latvia for their Baltic Sings 2018 festival and performing in Riga on 19th June, 19:00 at St Peter's Church. Concert will be joint with Latvian Mixed Choir Dziesmuvara.