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Simon Boccanegra

For the first time, Giuseppe Verdi's masterpiece "Simon Bokanegra" is being staged at the Latvian National Opera. The title character of this opera becomes the Genoa dojo, defeating the aristocrat Fiesko in the vote, but they are both connected not only by the struggle for power, but also by a fateful woman. The opera "Simon Bokanegra" was written by Giuseppe Verdi as early as 1857, however, the second edition of the work, which premiered in 1881, received special recognition from the public and critics. In the 21st century, Simon Bokanegra is increasingly appearing on the stage of opera houses. At the Latvian National Opera, the performance consists of an outstanding creative team from Great Britain - director Stephen Lawless, as well as set designer and costume designer Leslie Travers and choreographer Lynne Hockney. Their performances have been successful in the world's most important operas and festivals.