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My Only Vector. New Release by Loboda.

"My only vector": LOBODA released a song about her main guiding star in harsh realities
MENTOR: LOBODA introduced a new dance song and exotic video
LOBODA presented a new dance track teasing the upcoming world tour

On February 9th LOBODA premiered her new dance song "MENTOR". Singer complimented the dynamic Ukrainian track with an English solo and dedicated it to her only compass during the most difficult times - love.

The video was shot at the shore of the Indian Ocean because it’s the natural element, according to the artist, that has the most in common with the untamed power of love.

"Even in the scariest storm, our only chance not to get lost is to trust our heart like a beacon. "Mentor" is about the courage to always choose love, no matter how difficult and scary it may be sometimes. After all, that's the only way to pave the path to happiness" - LOBODA commented on the premiere.

Excited about her upcoming new world tour, LOBODA’s fans are already actively requesting to perform "Mentor" all over the world. Singer has already announced concerts in Australia and the US in spring, the dates of the European part of the tour will also be announced soon.

"MENTOR" is already available on all streaming platforms:https://loboda.bfan.link/mentor  , and the video coming soon on the official LOBODA YouTube channel.