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Choose AX Group Transfer Services

May 13, Monday 2024 - May 13, Tuesday 2025
Streamline Your and Your Team Travel Experience with AX Group Transfer Services

AX Group is the biggest transfer company in the Baltics. Offers a range of Riga transfer services, ensuring seamless and comfortable journeys for travelers whether they're heading to or from Riga Airport or any other destination. With options to suit solo travelers, families, or business teams, AX Group provides reliable and convenient transportation solutions tailored to every need. Featuring a personalized meet and greet option at the airport according to the flight schedule. Providing travelers with both ample space and unparalleled comfort for their journeys.

Business Class Transfer Services:
Business class transfer services provide the perfect balance of efficiency and comfort. Travel in style in spacious Mercedes E-class, Mercedes V-Class vehicles, equipped with modern amenities to accommodate your needs. Whether you're traveling alone or with colleagues, business class transfers offer a productive and enjoyable journey. The chauffeur will meet you at the Riga Airport gate and carry your luggage. You will have enough space and comfort to relax after a tiring flight or to get back to your work immediately.

Standard class Transfer Services:
For practical and cost-effective transportation solutions, AX Group's standard transfer services are the ideal choice. The standard class transfers ensure a comfortable and hassle-free journey even for the larger groups, your big team will enjoy the spacious Skoda Octavia, Toyota Corolla. With punctual arrivals and departures, you can rely on AX Group for trusted Riga transportation to any destination.

Advantages of Choosing AX Group's Transfer Services:
1. Convenience: With seamless connectivity to various destinations, AX Group ensures hassle-free Riga, Jurmala transfers tailored to your schedule and preferences.
2. Comfort: Travel in comfort and style in our Mercedes V-Class vehicles, equipped with amenities to enhance your journey, no matter the destination or group size.
3. Flexibility: AX Group offers flexible booking options and customizable transfer services to accommodate the unique needs of every traveler, ensuring a personalized experience.
4. Reliability: Count on AX Group for punctual and professional transfer services, providing peace of mind throughout your journey and perfect conditions for work.
5. Comprehensive Solutions: From premium VIP transfers to standard class options, AX Group offers a range of services to meet the diverse needs of travelers, making every journey memorable.
6. Meet & Greet: The chauffeur will meet and greet you and your time right at the gate according to your flight schedule.

Standart Class Transfer starts from €35

Book Your Transfer with AX Group: Ready to elevate your travel experience? Visit our website to explore our transfer options and book your transfer today (booking link) . With AX Group, you can trust us to provide reliable and comfortable transportation for any journey, whether it's to the airport or any other destination.
Discover why AX Group: is the preferred choice for quality transportation services in the Baltics.