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August 20, Tuesday 2024 19.00
For the first time in Latvia – unique multimedial jukebox musical ”Mežrozīte”, music by RAIMONDS PAULS

Raimonds, who was a singer in his youth and now owns an inherited rental house, has created a music club called “The Wild Rose”. It is popular within Ilguciems community for its good music, and on warm summer evenings the outdoor terrace is a place of fun and passion – and... not just for the neighbourhood sparrows and pigeons... A letter arrives from Venice, an opera singer Eva arrives and Raimonds' peaceful life takes an unexpected turn.

Tha musical is like alive Riga postcard, – a colourful, joyful and exciting musical about love and forgiveness in Riga's intellectually creative hipster community. The woman-artist life and career challenge storry. In keeping with the style of a jukebox musical, it features Raimonds Pauls' hits only: "The Lantern Hour", "Don't Tell Me", "Mezrozīte", "Dark Blue", "How Silent the Night", "Undīne" and other, popular within Latvian and international audiences. The wild rose blossoms in the rhythms of the Ilģuciems Riga city and in the motives of people's lives.

When Raimonds Pauls and Alfrēds Krūklis created " Mežrozīte " in 1968, Jānis Peters wrote: "The rose hips dissolved in the people like the syrup of the fruit of this rose hitting the stones. The "Mezrozīte" floated, flamed, stuck, squeezed into all available places - cafés, coming from parties at midnight, at noon, resting hands..."

Musical singers, dancers
Band under the direction of Matīss Žilinskis
Director Mārtiņš Kagainis