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Jūrmala Festival. Barcelona Flamenco Ballet Carmen

On 19 July, the Barcelona Flamenco Ballet will visit the Festival with a special dance performance, Carmen.

The Barcelona Flamenco Ballet represents an innovative concept of flamenco, preserving the traditional roots of the dance in its performances, combining jazz music and contemporary ballet to create a modern and energetic language for the stage. In the new project, Carmen, they focus on the myth of Carmen and its message of courage and freedom in an unjust world. Prosper Merimee’s story is brought to life in an original production with excerpts and arrangements from Georges Bizet’s famous opera Carmen, flamenco singing and original music by guitarist and composer Ivan Perez. This performance incorporates unprecedented elements of flamenco, adapting it to contemporary realities, creating a new paradigm of the Carmen myth and flamenco art of the 21st century.

Barcelona Flamenco Ballet was founded in 2017 by Catalan dancer and choreographer David Gutiérrez. The group has become an ambassador for the city of Barcelona and the flamenco tradition worldwide. They have performed in nearly 40 countries, including the United States, China and the United Kingdom by giving performances at major theatres and festivals.