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Danila Kozlovsky FRANK great songs & intimate stories

In the one-man show “FRANK,” actor Danila Kozlovsky shares his personal story through a sincere and truthful monologue. You will hear firsthand about his childhood, family, first love, and experiences in the cadet corps, as well as the idols of his youth. The show also features performances of immortal songs by Frank Sinatra, Kozlovsky’s favorite singer, adding a musical dimension to the narrative.

The title “FRANK” cleverly encapsulates Kozlovsky’s message to the audience, symbolizing both the name of his musical idol and the honesty conveyed in his performance. As a spectator, you’ll experience a new side of your favorite actor, showcasing his versatility and depth. Danila Kozlovsky, along with Savva Saveliev, who also directed the show, are the creative minds behind this production. Their collaboration brings a unique and heartfelt presentation to the stage, inviting audiences to connect with Kozlovsky’s personal journey and artistic expression.