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Roberts RUBĪNS – director
Jānis JOŅEVS – playwright
Krišs SALMANIS – artist
Pauls POIKĀNS – animator
Orests SILABRIEDIS – content consultant

Jens Emil HOLM – trumpet
Conductor Jānis STAFECKIS

Joseph HAYDN Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra in E-flat major
Joseph HAYDN Symphony no. 101

The multimedia concert series Symphonic Hit with Goran Gora for young people and academic music enthusiasts returns for its 10th season! Four engaging and educational concert programmes have been prepared, each telling the story of prominent personalities and events in the history of music. We begin with the story of the symphony, the foundational genre of academic music, shaped significantly by Joseph Haydn, one of the greatest composers of the Classical period. Haydn, often referred to as the "Father of the Symphony," wrote more than one hundred symphonies. However, the significance lies not in the quantity but in the enduring foundations upon which the grandest expression of the symphony orchestra evolved over centuries, later nurtured and developed by other composers.