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Iris Bergcrantz Quintet is a unique family band with father Anders Bergcrantz on the trumpet, mother Anna-Lena Laurin is on keyboards and the front person, Anders and Anna-Lena's youngest daughter, Iris Bergcrantz does the vocals. They have played together for Iris's entire life and started professional projects within Anna-Lena Laurin Quintet in the nineties, when Iris was only four. In time, Iris was ready to form her own group, and in 2014 she founded her Iris Bergcrantz Quintet and asked for her parents, Johan Kolsut on the drums and a new family member, Iris' spouse Anders Fjeldsted on bass. Since then the group has worked together and played at different festivals and clubs in Sweden, Germany, Denmark and in pipeline both Czechia, Poland, Estonia are coming up as well as a premiere at The International Jazz Festival in Rochester, USA.

The trumpet player of the band, Anders Bergcrantz, is today considered to be one of the best trumpeters in the world. He has played with Mike Brecker, John Scofield and Mike Stern (members of the famous The Miles Davis Band), Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, Norrlandsoperan, McCoy Tyner, Lee Konitz, Adam Nussbaum, The Dublin Radio Symphony Orchestra, Norwegian Broadcasting Symphony Orchestra, Dave Liebman’s QUEST, Richie Beirach Quintet, Billy Harper, Victor Lewis, Monica Zetterlund, Billy Hart and many others.

Music critics write:
“Iris Bergcrantz is a vocal acrobat. Her singing makes eyes cry from happiness ..." - Björn G Stenberg.

“New Swedish jazz sensation” - Bengt Eriksson.

“If you think you've heard everything the music can give you, then you realise that the young vocalist and composer Iris Bergcrantz opens up a whole new vocal jazz dimension for you. Iris' music has this disarming passion that fills the listener with the sense of magic, because her voice freely travels between reality and fantasy” - OJ, Jörgen Östberg.