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SUMMERTIME 15 BRUUT! Groove, Funk, Smooth Jazz (AMSTERDAM)

Groove, Funk, Smooth Jazz from Amsterdam - BRUUT!
The music of a stylish band from Amsterdam BRUUT! performing in Groove, Funk, Smooth Jazz genres refers listeners to the cult films by Tarantino, always trendy vinyl records and favourite westerns. Their sunny music soaked with the spirit of freedom of Amsterdam is a special cocktail in the spirit of the 60s with an admixture of dance and surf. This quartet will perform in Latvia for the first time and will prove to the Latvian public that " BRUUT! was invented for dancing!".

They balance between recognizable hits and unpolished improvisation, combining music in their concerts, to which it is impossible to sit still, it’s the kind that you listen to with bated breath. Translated from the Dutch, the name of the group means “hard”, “brutal”, which fully reflects the power of the energy transmitted by their powerful music, which can be called “cult music” in short.
More about the musicians: https://www.bruutmusic.com/