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Riga Room Jazz Sessions | Code of Ethics

February 04, Saturday 19.00
As part of the "Riga Room Jazz Sessions" concert series, Deniss Pashkevich Trio ( Latvia ) and Sebastian Studnitzky ( Germany ) will perform their concert programme "Code of Ethics" at the "Music and Drama Space OratoriO" on 4.02 19:00.

The name of the leader of the group, as a many times internationally recognized jazz musician, saxophonist and teacher, does not require any special comments. The Trio has proven itself in long-term creative activity. Deniss Pashkevich Trio is a fundamental example of Latvian jazz. One of the few ensembles of musicians, like the leader himself, to be included in the genealogical tree of European jazz music, as a founder of his own movement.

The words that describe the sound of this group of musicians are "revolutionary and charismatic". The ensemble's style is eclectic with clearly discernible cross-genre elements. It is safe to say that the Deniss Pashkevich Trio perfectly reflects the musical, artistic and social communication trends of this era. The concert "Music and Drama Space OratoriO" is a unique event. Everything is important. This is evident in every detail of the concept of the concert event - the musical content, the participants, the choice of the concert venue.

The participation of internationally renowned German trumpeter, producer and composer from Berlin, Sebastian Studnitzky, is an important highlight of this concert. Sebastian is the visionary behind the Xjazz Music Festival and an influential figure in the German jazz world. This is the first time the musicians will perform in this configuration and it is a great continuation of the almost 20 years of collaboration between Sebastian and Dennis in the context of the international music scene.

The concert will feature Sebastian's trumpet, piano and electronic instruments. It will be a great dialogue between the musicians and the audience.

from the Denis Pashkevich Trio concert with Stanislav Yudin:
The main content of the concert is the new Deniss Pashkevich Trio audio recording, recorded on 180gr vinyl " Code Of Ethics " and also available in digital format on Riga Room Records' digital site. It is acoustic music with elements of electronic music, modern jazz with a large part dedicated to free improvisation sound space. A special communication technique allows the musicians to sound and resonate together.
Link and album: https://rigaroomrecords.bandcamp.com/album/code-of-ethics