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Marc Martel, Queen Show

October 23, Saturday 19.00
Mark Martel is a unique phenomenon: not only does he really sing like Freddie, capturing his demeanor and vocal intonations. He also looks like the lead singer of Queen. It's not for nothing that critics call Martel the "reincarnation" of Mercury. And the famous Queen drummer Roger Taylor blessed Mark to participate in the movie "Bohemian Rhapsody", where his voice is sung by actor Rami Malek.

In 2011, Martel performed a snippet of "Somebody To Love" at the Queen Extravaganza competition and it was enough to drive listeners and legendary Queen musicians crazy. Martel's video got 9,000,000 views.

After the release of the acclaimed film Bohemian Rhapsody in 2018, interest in the band Queen revived worldwide, and in their homeland, they finally realized the band's level of popularity and importance in music history. Singer Mark Martel's life has also changed dramatically since then.

He has been called the "double" or "reincarnation" of the inimitable musician and great showman. Besides the similarity of the vocal data, he has a striking similarity in appearance, has the strongest charisma and perfectly copies Mercury's behavior on stage. This is confirmed not only by the fans, but also by the members of Queen - guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor. They were the ones who chose Martel as the soloist of the official tribute project The Queen Extravaganza. By the way, Mark had his hand, or to be more precise, his voice, in the making of the film itself. He had Mercury's vocal parts in the story, and Rami Malek perfectly reincarnated himself and got into the role of a legend.

All his concerts are a resounding success, and tickets sell like hotcakes. And now the inhabitants of Latvia have a unique opportunity to see and hear all Queen hits within the world tour of "QUEEN SHOW". Do not miss the opportunity to hear the almost identical voice of Freddie Mercury.